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Alabama's State Capitol is filled with history.  After its first four locations across the state — St. Stevens, Huntsville, Cahaba and Tuscaloosa — Montgomery became its fifth and current home on 1846.

The original stucco-over-brick capitol burned within two years of its completion and it was soon rebuilt from 1850 to 1851.  The current capitol is built atop much of the original foundation in its largely Greek Revival style, which was popular during the period.  The clock over the portico, which looks like a random addition, was a gift from the city to the state in 1852.

In 1861, at the front of the capitol, Jefferson Davis was inagurated as the President of the Confederate States of America. Today a six-pointed star marks the location in the marble floor.  On March 25, 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr. during the third Selma to Montgomery march, ended his walk with a speech at the base of the capitol's steps.

The capitol was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960 and some limited areas are open for tourists, including the rotunda and entry stairhall.